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Video of basic filler/topper in action link.

Video of 2 barrel filling system with 1 operator.

Video of 2 barrel topping system with 1 operator.

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The new Devitt Wine Systems, "Single or dual frequency Auto-Topper-Filler System" allows the filling or topping of wine barrels to be done without the chance of overflow, spilling or the extra time spent by constant staff attention. The basic system consists of a single frequency, non-contaminating optical liquid level sensor that is easily inserted into the barrel bung opening while filling or topping. The dual frequency system does exactly the same thing except that 2 barrels may be filled or topped at the same time by a single operator.
Remote Filler Control

Wireless remote filling or topping control (WCH-1)
Base Power Controller

Single frequency power controller (WPC-1)

Basic single frequency system consists of the following components:
1. Wireless remote filling or topping control - WCH-1
2. Single frequency power controller - WPC-1
3. Set of 2 sensors, standard & long - WLS-2 & WLS-3


• Auto Shut-off Sensor Using a Non-Contaminating Optical System
• Wireless Control of Base Power controller from the filler
• Allows the remote starting and stopping of pumps and/or solenoid valves
• Sensor depth maybe set to any desired Level
• Power controller controls any 120/240/24 VAC pumps or solenoids
• Optional features include roll-around cart, pumps and a variety of solenoid valves

3 Simple Components


1. Wireless Sensor / Control Head (WCH-1)

The model WCH-1 is a rechargeable, battery powered, wireless controller which turns the remote pump and valve controller ON and OFF either manually, or automatically with the wine level sensor (WLS-2 or WLS-3). Both the level sensor and filling/topping tube are held together for easy insertion into the barrel with a universal bracket.

Wireless Sensor / Control Head - Model WCH-1
Frequency 315, 418 & 433 MHz
Distance 500 feet
Batteries 5 - AAA rechargeable
(Charger included)
Battery Life 40 hours on full charge
Button Controls Pump-On / Pump-Off / Valve Override
Liquid Level Sensor Connectors Twist Lock
Dimensions 6-3/4" long X 2-1/4" wide X 3" tall
Weight 24 oz.
Wine Fill Connection 1" Tri-Clover
Housing Material Stainless Steel
LED Indicators

(3) Red = on/off
Green = ready
Amber = filling

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Base Power Controller

Base Power Controller

2. Single frequency power controller, WPC-1
    Dual frequency power controller, DWPC-1

Both power control models do identical tasks, they activate and de-activate the supplied solenoid valve(s) and/or your pump, the only difference is WPC-1 only controls 1 pump and 1 valve and DWPC-1 controls 1 pump and 2 valves.

Built in a stainless steel case, the controller is activated by securely coded wireless commands from the control head (WCH-1) to a range of 500 feet. Optically isolated solid-state power relays are used to switch 120VAC for a pump as well as 24VAC for solenoid valve/s and a set of relay contacts to be used in conjunction with pumps equipped with remote plugs.

Wireless Pump Controller - Model WPC-1
Solid State Relay 24-120VAC, 20 Amperes
Output Controls
(3 power & 1 signal)
(1) 120VAC Switched
(1) NO/NC relay contact
(1) 24VAC Solenoid (WPC-1)
(2) 24VAC solenoid (DWPC-1)
Input Connectors 110 VAC in (standard)
240 VAC, 1 or 3 phase available
Dimensions 12" long X 6" wide X 3" tall
Weight 3.5 lb.
Housing Material Hermetically Sealed
Stainless Steel
LED Indicators (4)

Red = on/off
Red = wireless on/off
Green = ready
Amber = filling


3. Optical Wine Level Sensors - 3 Lengths or Individual

The WLS-2 & 3 are supplied with the single and dual frequency system, the WLS-1 is available for tight spaces. All sensors attach to the wireless head and detect the wine level for automatic shut-off and may be adjusted within their range.

Optical Level Detector - Model WLS-1, 2, 3
Model Length of Sensor
WLS-1 2.25"(for tight spaces)
WLS-2 4.25" (standard length supplied)
WLS-3 12"(for barrel fermentation)

Auto Topper Configurations:

The Auto-Topper adapts to all filling equipment configurations without any wires.
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